Subject Descriptions - Subject Information

Calendar: 2017 Postgraduate
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Department: School of Computing and Information Technology

Subject Information
Subject Code MCS9337
Subject Name Organisation of Programming Languages
Credit Points 6
Pre-Requisites MCS9124
Co-Requisites None.
Restrictions None.
Equivalence None.
Assessment Assignments 40% Exam 60%
General Subject No.

Subject Description
This subject develops an understanding of major programming paradigms including imperative, functional, logical, object-oriented, and procedural paradigms. Introduces formal language specification. Covers language definition and syntax; data types and data structures, control structures and data flow; run-time considerations; and interpreted languages.

Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Understand and appropriately use the major programming paradigms including, imperative, object-oriented, functional and logic programming.
2. Understand the role of formal analysis in the design and definition of programming languages.
3. Demonstrate programming proficiency in at least one representative language from each paradigm.
4. Understand the relationship between formal specifications for syntax and semantics and the implementation of the language.
5. Use Knuth's literate programming paradigm to develop a fully documented program.