Subject Descriptions - Subject Information

Calendar: 2017 Postgraduate
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Department: School of Computing and Information Technology

Subject Information
Subject Code ISIT925
Subject Name Strategic Network Design
Credit Points 6
Pre-Requisites None.
Co-Requisites None.
Restrictions None.
Equivalence IACT924
Assessment Group Seminar 10% Milestone Activities 20% Essay 10% Major Project 20% Final Exam 40%
General Subject No.

Subject Description
The subject investigates the design and implementation of a strategic network plan. Topics to be covered include (1) The Need for Planning and the Planning Process: planning teams, strategic planning, the network plan, security planning and implementation planning. (2) The Design Process: design teams, translating the plan into design criteria, requirements capture and specification, design requirements and criteria, choosing topographies and architectures, evaluating plans (3) The Implementation Process: implementation teams, design traceability, managing people and technology, managing the implementation process.

Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Explain the principles of strategic network traffic flow control, forecasting, dimensioning and security.
2. Debate the current status and future directions of strategic networks as a complex interrelated set of operations.
3. Evaluate the critical forecasting, long range planning issues, architectural requirements, and appropriate project management techniques.
4. Critically analyse and discuss strategic network planning for a large organisation.
5. Identify design criteria and implementation choices for a large strategic network.
6. Critically analyse the implementation plan for a strategic network for a large organisation.