Subject Descriptions - Subject Information

Calendar: 2017 Undergraduate
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Department: Engineering and Information Sciences

Subject Information
Subject Code ENGG103
Subject Name Materials in Design
Credit Points 6
Pre-Requisites Nil
Co-Requisites Nil
Restrictions None.
Equivalence None.
Assessment Moodle online quizzes 20% (4 quizes 5% each during tutorials weeks 2-5) Mid-term assessment 15% (1 hour multiple-choice test during week 8) Laboratory Reports 20% (4 x 5% each) Formal exam 45% (3 hours during the exam period)
General Subject No.

Subject Description
In this subject students will explore the interrelationships between materials structure, properties, processing, application and lifecycle. Students will apply materials science and lifecycle analysis to develop solutions to engineering problem that are optimised for sustainability. Students must consider both economic and environmental impact in the identification and selection of appropriate materials in engineering design.

Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Describe the structure, general properties and main applications of metals, polymers, ceramics and composites;
2. Evaluate the main mechanical properties of materials from experimental data;
3. Evaluate the main thermal and electrical properties of materials;
4. Describe the relationships that exist between structure, processing and properties of selected materials; and
5. Solve simple engineering problems related to materials selection, failure analysis and new materials development.