Subject Descriptions - Subject Information

Calendar: 2017 Undergraduate
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Department: Engineering and Information Sciences

Subject Information
Subject Code ENGG102
Subject Name Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics
Credit Points 6
Pre-Requisites Nil
Co-Requisites Nil
Restrictions None.
Equivalence None.
Assessment Project 1A 5% Project 1B 15 % Free Body Quiz 10% Mechanics Quiz 10% Project 2A 5% Project 2B 15% Final Exam 40%
General Subject No.

Subject Description
In this subject students will explore fundamental laws of motion and their application to the analysis and design of simple structures. Students will undertake a series of design and build projects to see the effects of concepts of mechanics in real structures. Working in design teams, students will also explore the professional responsibilities of engineers in terms of accountability, liability and sound design and analysis techniques.

Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Apply fundamental physical principles to the design of simple structures.
2. Analyse forces acting on and within structural elements.
3. Apply logical engineering design practices to multi-faceted problems involving engineering mechanics.
4. Demonstrate self directed learning related to solving problems in engineering.
5. Present calculations, designs, research and critical analysis in a professional manner.
6. Work as a productive member of a team, recognising roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of individuals in a team.
7. Describe the role of engineers in society and their responsibilities in relation to the design of engineered artefacts.