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Calendar: 2015 Undergraduate
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Department: School of Education

Subject Information
Subject Code EDTR202
Subject Name Introduction to Theology
Credit Points 6
Pre-Requisites None.
Co-Requisites None.
Restrictions None.
Equivalence None.
General Subject No.
EFTSL (Non Weighted) 0.125
Non Weighted Student Contribution Amounts
Commonwealth Supported (HECS) Students Only
Pre-1997 Pre-2005 Post-2005 Post-2008 Post-2009 Post-2010
$ 615  $ 615  $ 615  $ 615  $ 615  $ 769 
Weighted Student Contribution Amounts
Commonwealth Supported (HECS) Students Only
1771-Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (Direct Entry)
1777-Bachelor of Laws (Direct Entry)
1827-Bachelor of International Studies - Bachelor of Laws
1845-Bachelor of Information Technology - Bachelor of Laws
1852-Bachelor of Business Information Systems - Bachelor of Laws
329-Bachelor of Economics and Finance-Bachelor of Laws
336-Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Laws
340-Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Laws
351-Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
760-Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies - Bachelor of Laws
770-Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)
771-Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Laws
771H-Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Laws
772-Bachelor of Creative Arts - Bachelor of Laws
773-Bachelor of Commerce - Bachelor of Laws
774-Bachelor of Mathematics - Bachelor of Laws
775-Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Laws
775H-Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Laws
775M-Course information not Found
776-Bachelor of Computer Science - Bachelor of Laws
778-Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology-Bachelor of Laws
779-Bachelor of Engineering - Bachelor of Laws
858-Bachelor of Journalism - Bachelor of Laws
Work Experience No
Tutorial Enrolment Information None.

Subject Availability
Session Summer 2015/2016  (30-11-2015 to 12-02-2016)
Campus Wollongong
Delivery Method Flexible
Instance Name Class 1
Quota 50
Course Restrictions 1810 - Bachelor of Health and Physical Education  (Wollongong)
1822 - Bachelor of Mathematics Education (Dean's Scholar)  (Wollongong)
1823 - Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (Dean's Scholar)  (Wollongong)
1824 - Bachelor of Primary Education (Dean's Scholar)  (Wollongong)
1825 - Bachelor of Science Education (Dean's Scholar)  (Wollongong)
879 - Bachelor of Primary Education  (Wollongong)
886 - Bachelor of Mathematics Education  (Wollongong)
887 - Bachelor of Science Education  (Wollongong)
Contact Hours  
Lecturer(s) and
Cons. times
Coordinator(s) and
Cons. times
Jessica Mantei
Instance Comment Enrolment in this subject is restricted to students seeking teaching accreditation with Catholic Schools
Census Date 16-12-2015

Subject Description
This subject introduces students to the study and teaching of theology. Theology is an interdisciplinary subject which seeks to critically understand the sacred texts, beliefs, practices and worldviews of religions throughout history, and as they present in the current context, including in diverse societies, politics, and popular culture. In this subject, the discipline will be introduced in these broad terms. Students will focus on Catholic theology, its place in Catholic schools and subsequent pedagogical approaches for teachers of Catholic theology.

Extra Information
Subject Objectives:
On completion of this subject students will be able to: 1. Define the discipline of theology, its methodologies, and its role alongside other disciplines in the current context. 2. Analyse in depth the theology of one major religious tradition, including its core principles and teachings, historical development, and contemporary discussions and debates within it. 3. Apply the principles and methods of theology to a critical study of the presence of religion in the current context, with a special focus on issues of relevance to the Australian context. 4. Utilise the discipline of theology to consider practical implications for professional work in a religious context, such as a school, service provider, or ministry context.

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