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Calendar: 2019 Undergraduate
Faculty: Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
Department: School of the Arts, English and Media

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Subject Information
Subject Code BCM 390
Subject Name Media, War and Peace
Credit Points 8
Pre-Requisites 24 credit points at 200 level
Co-Requisites None.
Restrictions None.
Equivalence STS390, MACS390, BCM391
Assessment Assignment - Class activity 20% Presentation - Two short presentation 25% Report - Project report (2500 words) 40% Participation 15%
General Subject Yes.
EFTSL (Non Weighted) 0.167
Non Weighted Student Contribution Amounts
Commonwealth Supported (HECS) Students Only
Pre-1997 Pre-2005 Post-2005 Post-2008 Post-2009 Post-2010
$ 1096  $ 1096  $ 1096  $ 1096  $ 1096  $ 1096 
Weighted Student Contribution Amounts
Commonwealth Supported (HECS) Students Only
1771-Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (Direct Entry)
1777-Bachelor of Laws (Direct Entry)
1827-Bachelor of International Studies - Bachelor of Laws
1845-Bachelor of Information Technology - Bachelor of Laws
1852-Bachelor of Business Information Systems - Bachelor of Laws
760-Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies - Bachelor of Laws
770-Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)
771-Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Laws
771H-Course information not Found
772-Bachelor of Creative Arts - Bachelor of Laws
773-Bachelor of Commerce - Bachelor of Laws
774-Bachelor of Mathematics - Bachelor of Laws
775-Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Laws
775H-Course information not Found
775M-Course information not Found
776-Bachelor of Computer Science - Bachelor of Laws
778-Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology-Bachelor of Laws
779-Bachelor of Engineering - Bachelor of Laws
858-Bachelor of Journalism - Bachelor of Laws
Work Experience No
Tutorial Enrolment Information None.
Availability Not Available in 2019

Subject Description
War and violence are staples of media coverage. Explaining the content and style of coverage requires understanding both of media dynamics and international politics. Through case studies of war and peace journalism, military censorship and media management, and the psychology and politics of denial and acknowledgement of atrocities, students will learn how to interpret and intervene in media coverage on war and peace, violence and nonviolence. Use will be made of frameworks from communication theory, politics, and peace research.

Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of war and peace journalism, military censorship and media management
2. Understand and apply theories explaining media dynamics and international politics
3. Investigate media coverage on war and peace, violence and nonviolence
4. Contribute to public debates about war and peace, violence and nonviolence.

Extra Information
Generic Extra Information:
Students will acquire the following information, and generic skills/competencies as a result of their participation in this subject: A commitment to continued and independent learning, intellectual development, critical analysis and creativity; Coherent and extensive knowledge in a discipline, appropriate ethical standards and, where appropriate, defined professional skills; Self confidence combined with oral and written communication skills of a high level; A capacity for, and understanding of, teamwork; An ability to logically analyse issues, evaluate different options and viewpoints and implement decisions; An appreciation and valuing of cultural and intellectual diversity and ability to function in a multi-cultural or global environment; A desire to continually seek improved solutions and to initiate, and participate in, organisational, social and cultural change; An acknowledgment and acceptance of individual responsibilities and obligations and of the assertion of the rights of the individual and the community.

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