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Calendar: 2015 Undergraduate

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Subject Code Subject Name Credit points
ACCY112 Accounting In Organisations 6
ACCY201 Financial Accounting IIB 6
BCM 330 Australian Content, Global Context 8
BIOL232 Science Research Internship 6
BIOL300 Focus on Conservation 8
BIOL392 Advanced Biology 8
CACW100 Introduction to Creative Writing 6
CAVA113 Visual Arts Studio Workshop C 6
CAVA126 Introduction to Photography Intensive 6
CHEM106 Foundation Chemistry: Properties and Reactivity of Matter 6
CHEM218 Special Chemistry Studies 6
CHEM232 Science Research Internship 6
CHEM340 Chemistry Laboratory Project 8
COMM121 Statistics for Business 6
ECON101 Macroeconomic Essentials for Business 6
EDET202 Teaching English in International Contexts 6
EDFE101 Education Foundations 1: Learning and Development 6
EDTR202 Introduction to Theology 6
EDUP491 Theory and Application of Special Ed in P&HE 6
EESC250 Field Geology 6
EESC300 Directed Studies in Earth and Environmental Sciences 8
ENGG454 Professional Experience 0
ENGG457 Engineering Project B 6
ERLS300 Special Topics in Employment Relations 8
ERLS352 Negotiation and Conflict Management for Professionals 8
EXAR006 Exchange Subject 6
EXAR008 Exchange Subject 8
EXBU006 Exchange Subject 6
EXBU008 Exchange Subject 8
EXCH024 Exchange Subject 24
EXED006 Exchange Subject 6
EXED008 Exchange Subject 8
EXEI006 Exchange Subject 6
EXEI008 Exchange Subject 8
EXLA006 Exchange Subject 6
EXLA008 Exchange Subject 8
EXSC006 Exchange Subject 6
EXSC008 Exchange Subject 8
FIN 111 Introductory Principles of Finance 6
GEOG292 Science Research Internship 6
GEOG392 Science Research Internship 8
HIST232 Russia in War and Revolution 8
HIST261 Ancient History: Rome 8
INTR100 Careers Internship 0
INTS399 International Studies in Practice 8
JAPA101 An Introduction to Japanese 6
JAPA271 In-country Japanese session 8
LLB 327 Securities Regulation 8
LLB 398 Asian Legal Systems Field Study 8
MARE393 Advanced Marine Science Project 8
MARK101 Marketing Principles 6
MATH142 Essentials of Engineering Mathematics 6
MEDI605 Medical Practicum Program 0
MGMT102 Business Communications 6
MGMT110 Introduction to Management 6
PSYC101 Introduction to Behavioural Science 6
SCIE292 Science Research Internship 6
SCIE392 Science Research Internship B 8
SCIE407 International Bachelor of Science Honours Project (Part-Time) 18
SOC 103 Introduction to Sociology 6
SOC 341 Independent Research 8

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